london underground roundel

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Does anyone know of a font which contains the London underground roundel as a character? I am working on a book which requires the icon in each of something around 1000 entries. I've found P22 Johnston underground extras, but the only roundel it contains is one in which the bar doesn't run through the centre of the circle, and which is also too heavy for my purposes.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

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This the roundel you want?

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Yes, but there's a mono version which is a black circle with a line through it.

It works at very small typesizes and is widely recognised.

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I know I have it somewhere, but I just can't remember which font it is. I've looked through all the fonts beginning with trans* and underground - but so far come up blank. I'll keep looking, though... =/

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could you create a font with just that character?

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I'm beginning to think that would be the simplest solution, yeah...

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The London Transport Roundel is a trademark of London Transport and can only be used with their permission as per their design guidelines. This is why it is not included as a character in P22 Underground Extras.

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