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I am working on a logo for a website called 'foto8' and would like to hear your comments/criticisms on where I have got to thus far.

Background information: The logo is also to be partially used on a bi-annual magazine called '8' and I am working on trying to incorporate the 2 logo's in order form some kind of a cohesive identity (so the website is called 'foto8' and the magazine just '8' as a number). The style of letters used is in tune with the headline typography of the magazine, so I wouldn't want to deviate from that too much.

In particular, it would be good to have comments on how readable/effective it is as a logo; as well as ideas on achieving the best balance between the 'f' and the 't'; and any other comments would be much appreciated.


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Very nice idea. From the ones shown I’d prefer No.4.
What about caps for F and T and not connecting them?

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Jan, thanks for your input.

I have tried cap F and T in earlier drafts, but wasn't really convinced (I think the lowercase letters create more interesting shapes). As for No.4, I have been made aware that the f and t can appear difficult to see when not separated in some way (hence the white line used in No's 1-3) and be read as some kind of arbitrary shape next to a figure 8. Could you please elaborate why you prefer No.4?


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I also like number 4. The other ones all read as 'ft8' at first.

- Lex

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The other ones all read as ’ft8’ at first.

That's a really good point, and one that I had missed (probably because I have only showed these drafts to people who are familiar with the name already).



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Hi Mike,

I like #4 as well. The stencil-like break seems out of step with the 8.

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Hello Mike,

Another vote for #4 here. My mind started forming an idea of what your description would look like, and then when I saw your work it was so much better than what I was imagining. Elegant, simple and dynamic. Now just refine it and call it a day. Good work.

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Thanks for all your comments guys. Much appreciated.


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