Functional / 'Freight' display type

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Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on selecting a typeface for a current university project. The project is a catalogue displaying my collection of transport related university ephemera - bits of rollsign, metal plate signs from subway cars, old tickets, wagon labels, etc. Basically i'm looking for a typeface like the sort you might see on rusty containers, boxcars, freight trains, etc, for the wrapper which will provide information on the freight 'vernacular'. I'm not entirely sure what i'm looking for, but I want the type to be really 'no nonsense' and utilitarian. The best i've found so far is alternate gothic, trade gothic bold condensed no.20 and H&FJ's knockout, these are great but not quite perfect (i'm really picky! :) ) Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Along the same lines as Alternate Gothic, Trade Gothic, et al., you might take a look at Jim Parkinson's Balboa series.

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