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Hi Typophiles, Typophilians and Typophilia,

I know I'm new round here but I would be eternally grateful if I could gage a reaction to the logomark I have designed below. If you could let me know what you can see in it, and the nature of the business that it is intended for that would be great!


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Welcome to the forums! : )

Well... I see a pencil. Is something going on with the 'rubber' tip..?

Personal comments;
Keep it simple. Is there too much going on? Strip it right down to the core. Will it work as 1 colour, grayscale even?
Im still trying to figure out what its saying... or the wit within it, should I say.

Ill be interested to see what this turns out like.

Rez +

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Thanks for your comments Rez,looking forward to more peoples opinions before I explain it..hopefully I wont need to.

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hello, im new to here, i think you will enjoy it!

what this pencil brings me in mind... is the word VOID.
why is that? well the first part is like an individual speaking on transmitting a message, thats where i get vo... (voice) thi midle part brings me a (i) simply because of the shape and similarly the last part brings me out a (D)... so i see void and i actually like it a lot.

I would say that the nature of business that this mark was intended to represent is a comunicational party, or transmitional party, something like blogs, probably, because of the fact that in blogs, people "write" their oppinions, they "submit" their thoughts ...

i dont know if i got even close to what the logos actual work is but i think thta if you consider the above you will find that it is a pretty much logical explanation.

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Il give you a hint, the company is called "dreamscape"

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It's OK to have to explain the meaning behind a logo. A logo doesn't have to tell a novel-length story all by itself.

That said, I see a green pencil with a D on the end and a speaker icon on the front.

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Thanks for your comments darrel, think I recognise your work from the pond ;)

Do you think this will design will perform well for a design agency? or is the pencil a bit of a cliche??

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I see radio waves, and a D

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I'd say a pencil is cliche in the way scales of justice are cliche for a lawyer or a hammer is cliche for a carpenter.

Sometimes, it's OK to use a cliche ;o)

It's a nicely designed pencil, so I'd say, sure, it will work just fine for that purpose.

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To me a pencil says elementary school.

I see the D also, obviously.

I'm guessing the front of the pencil with the led is supposed to be some sort of waves? Sound waves?

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Thanks everyone for the feedback on this. Heres another concept I have developed and moulded from the previous design. Still not set on the colours, but would love some feedback if possible. Again let me know what you see, cheers!

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bee in motion.

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Sauron (yes I thought of that)

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I don't understand, are you designing logos and then trying to figure out where or who they'd work well for?

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I've been through way too much therapy for this business. The silly bee looks great for web applications, however.

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