InDesign 2. Word spacing palette?

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Is there a palette that shows what your current word spacing is in InDesign 2. I know the shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the word spacing but just want to know if there is a window that shows the current word spacing.


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Hi David,

There is a window as you can see in the pdf.
I only have an Dutch version of InDesign and hope you can find where the palette is.


InDesign.pdf (110.8 k)

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Thanks Nico,
but Im looking for a palette that shows the space between the words and not the letters.

Thanks again david.

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David, is this what you're after? This dialog box is buried under: Type>Paragraph>Justification.InDesign screen capture

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Thanks Bill,
Its as close as im going to get I think.

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David, if you select the text first, I think you'll get exactly what you're after. You can check a line, a paragraph, or a pair of words - assuming you have not made micro-adjustments within any of those wording groups - and you'll get a readout for the spacing.

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There isn't anything visual. The only way which I am aware is under the paragraph palette's little triangle.

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Thanks Bill. (Still learning something new every day.)

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