Font catalogs?

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You can download Storm Type Foundry

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Font Bureau's is awesome.

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Font Bureau Type Specimens, Third Edition?

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The Third Edition is the one I have, it is a 2001 book/catalogue though.

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yes indeed;) Others?

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You can order mine if you like. I have about 700 copies left, it's more like a poster, though. it's free but posting and handling costs $ 2,5.

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Veer New Type Specimen Book
Veer Script Type Specimen Book
Veer published two type specimens this year, one of recent typeface releases and another featuring scripts from the 12 or so collections we carry. You can download PDFs here, or e-mail our customer service folks for free printed versions.


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House Industries always has really cool catalogs, free of charge.

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Aside from our own (see above), I like the recent PDF catalogues from TypeType and Psy/Ops.

House Industries will mail out wonderful bits of stuff upon request as well.

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Grant, we got those. Them are nice.

FontFont just printed their latest catalog.

My favorite House catalog is the green one with the Cyrillic
cover from last year.

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