Fonts for Jubilee Book

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i could layout a jubilee Book. 125 years old firm.

Which fonts would you use. I have some money for the fonts. So i want to buy some good fonts.

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For a social organization. It is a book about the history and about this time.

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Tiffany's willingness to help is admirable. But I can't help thinking there's something really wrong when a designer(?) who's commissioned to design a commemorative book for a long-established firm comes to a forum like this and asks what font(s) they should be using. Call me mean-spirited (and I'm sure someone will), but this is a bit pathetic.

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Sorry, it was the wrong question. Perhaps my english is to bad.

The thing is: I have money for the fonts and want to try something new. There are a lot of nice fonts on my mac. But perhaps there are nice fonts produced over the last month i never heard about that are good for use in this project. You know what i mean. I don't want to hear fonts like garamond or itc quay. I'am interested in "underused" fonts

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Andrew, exactly what's the point of such a forum if it's pathetic to ask for advice from people who are willing and able to help?

As long as Timo doesn't take undue credit for other people's ideas, what's the problem?


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For whom are you producing this book? What kind of firm? Law? Medical? Toys? What kind of book? Coffee table? More of an annual report?

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Timo you could start by looking at the newest releases from these fine purveyor's of type:


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