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Hi, I've design a logo for my new web design, web hosting and computer repair business.

I have these two different versions, please tell me which font style do you like better or if you have any other suggestions.

P.S. the symbol in the middle is my identity that I would like to use for the logo.


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What is it supposed to say? This just leaves me confused (at risk of sounding like a bastard)


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Sryyw Technology?
SyrrAw Technology? (upside down 'A')
Or maybe your name Syrway but the letters don't appear to work.

Anyways, I dunno but I like the font choice in #2 more than #1.

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Other possibilities:
Syruway? SYR Way?

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I like the second one; the identity's width is closer to the letters' widths in the second one. I think it'd look even better if you shortened the identity such that the very top of it was at x-height and the very bottom went only just past the baseline.

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I like the second one better too but I don't know what the "mask" is about. Are you in theater? If so, then do your clients need to know that? Id so then great. If not it may be getting in the way of a message they do need to hear. The name itself is hard to know how to say. That could be a problem.

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Prefer the second one, but that weird double-y thing doesn't work! Sorry!

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Based on your user name, the symbol is not to be read as a letter, as many of the above posters are suggesting. You might remove this distraction by making the symbol a larger or smaller size, moving it from the baseline, and perhaps throwing it to the start or end of the words, where additional space can make it clearly separate.

I find the tracking too high on the top offering, and really am not enamoured with the second, either.

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I for one in a haste didn't notice the scrollbar and thought that the "w" was the end of the logo. Now that I've seen the whole thing, I think that the "YY" symbol in the middle is still too distracting. If it needs to stay in the middle of the word, try making it smaller than the rest of the letters, put it on the end like Don suggested, or making two... one for the front and back to envelope the word rather than separate it.


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