3 word logo's?

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I am stuck! I always find it hard to create a good logo consisting of three words.
i was intending to go for a wordmark, but the client insists on having a depiction of a starfish in there! (which is easily to be mistaken with a star).

so we have a symbol and three words!

refresh me with ideas/suggestions or simply blame me for being creatively stuck.

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The only graphic link that i can think of between a starfish and 3 off the top of my head is that the pionty bits of the starfish are at 3 levels.
It is probably no help whatsoever but at least it might get the ball rolling!


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hard to address in the abstract.

what are the words ?

what is the company ?

what are the associations desired ?

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Thanks people.

Ch, that'd be a long story. The starfish as a logo is the hardest bit. But i was merely looking for ideas regarding the combination of a symbol and multiple words.

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This may or may not help, but don't limit yourself to just a top-down view of the starfish. Try different angles. This may prevent it from looking like just a star.

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thanks, microspective. i am thinking of having one swimming, with the legs bent inward, viewed from the side. have only one meagre example though. i googled and checked stockphotos, but most show them as a star, unfortunately.

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Look at relatives and unusual species of the starfish. I mean, just look at the wikipedia page for example of extreme variety.

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The logo should say "we don't suck," but worded in a positive manner (sorry, just came from a thread about things sucking).

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Is it a rule that all three words have to be equal in size? If you can emphasize one or two of them, it might make things work out better.

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If you have the starfish gently bent around a rock, then it will be obvious that it is not a star. Also it if is purple or orange or something if the logo is most often in colour. Also, the underside of the starfish is cool looking and the pattern of the tentacles or whatever it is under there, could have a letterform swirled around in there somehow.

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