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Hello dear fellows,
This poster is about a theatrical play
(I know I tired you with all those theatrical posters).

The customers already chose this solution; sorry,
there was no time to show you the roughs
(I had only two days). But, even now, just before
I send it to the printer, I would like to hear your comments.

The play

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This is a beautiful poster. And I love how the type is hard above the branches but soft under the roots.

BTW, Aristophanes was the man.


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as always Hrant you are one of the first
to do you make it? You are
everywhere and always have something
substantial to write.

I am flatered of your comments, but when
you write "Aristophanes was the man.",
what do you mean?
And the last question: do you recognize
the frog's legs in the tree roots?

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> how do you make it?

It comes and goes. Soon I'll need to recede a bit.

Everybody should read the Aristophanes comedies. They reveal how little has changed. They reveal for example that there can be no New World Order imposed from one end of the globe onto the other. The Greeks struck a great balance, they were actually as much easterners as westerners (unlike the Romans who were essentially the first true westerners), and Aristpophanes embodies that so well, and in such an entertaining manner! He was a unique genius. I remember how almost 8 years ago I arrived at the Epidaurus theater in the Peloponnese a day late to catch an Aristophanes play - I'm still kicking myself.

> do you recognize the frog's legs in the tree roots?

The problem is you told me/us what they were, so I couldn't have missed that! :-/ Looking back, I can only guess, but I think they're OK. Plus you don't need to be too literal.


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It's a very nice poster, Christos.
All those names and the big logo in the middle of the poster disturbs a little, but that doesn't matter.
Colors and type are great. I don't have much more to say, the visual metaphor is beautiful. ;-)

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i did recognized the frog

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my first (okay, my second) thought was: "oh, frog legs as roots". funny how different perception can be. :-)

nice poster.

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