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I hate designing things for myself. I find it impossible as I'm far to close to the project. So while I plan to redesign my site and marketing materials, I've decided to give my logo another shot.

I went to the book store and flipped through some logo books for about 5 hours yesterday and then came home and sketched out some quick ideas on paper playing with the L and D in my companies name. The enclosures themselves I'll worry about latter, but for now I want to get opinions on the basics of the mark.

I used a few different typefaces to create these comps, Helvetica, Futura, Interstate, ect.

I'm not looking for something flashy in itself. But something that can be used in a variety of ways, in obtrusively on client work, distinctive on presentations and marketing material of my own. So something like this I think could be used with a few different background lockups to either emphasize or subdue it as it's so simple.

But maybe it's too simple and will be easily confused with other things?

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You're correct that lower case is easier to read. It's not really subjective. Several studies have been done on this topic.

Here's one explanation that's fairly well illustrated.

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That's probably where I got that idea from. Have the book.

Does it matter with a company title though, as it's so short?

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What I said above applies to the case of two words used as a word mark. I think the benefits of using lower case for continuous text are quite obvious, I didn't mean to imply the opposite.

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Avenir title caps


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