Spread of Printing in Europe 1450-1550

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Does anyone know of a list detailing the spread of printing in Europe between 1450 and 1550? I'm interested to know the names, locations, and dates.

There is an entry on Wikipedia under 'Spread of Printing', and there are some maps in Elizabeth Eisenstein's 'The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe', but I'd like to cross-reference them with alternatives, online or off.


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The Wikipedia article is shoddy. It lists the first printing in Canada as 1766 and the first newspaper, The Novascotian, was established in 1724. I don't know how many other elements of the article are incorrect.

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I would recommend Daniel Updike's two volume set: Printing Types. Their History, Forms and Use. No maps, but lots of names, locations and dates.

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Consider Henri-Jean Martin's The History and Power of Writing again no maps. The book is a history of the economies related to writing and printing. So it covers printers, scribes, typefounders, printers, publishers, and book sellers, and does a thoroughly good job to explaining the relationships among the persons and technologies involved.

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Don, I have found further evidence that the Wikipedia list is incomplete, and arguably inaccurate. Ken, I know the Updike tomes, and they are good. Charles, I've ordered your suggestion. Thanks to all of you.

At present I am going through the British Library record of incunabulae at St Brides. But this will require some padding out I think. The BL record contains all the books they hold, in chronological (and then city) order - but doesn't include anything they don't hold.

I would welcome any other suggestions.

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Polish guys could be interresting:

Franciszek Skaryna (publisher of first Bible in belarussian language [1519], fourth national Bible in Europe, half century earlier than first russian book was printed).

Hieronim Wietor

Jan Haller

Lazarus Andrysowicz

And Jan Januszowski (creator of first polish typeface, but after 1550...).

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