church of graphic design?

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Luckily, this usage of "logos" has nothing to do with graphic design, or it would be a bit ironic looking at their nondescript unmemorable name above the entry. Almost as ironic as their Southwest-style building surrounded by huge mounds of snow.

For anyone wondering what this means, "logos" is the same word in ancient Greek that forms the root of "logic." It means symbol, word, knowledge, etc. Hellenistic thought was very influential on the early Christians, above all the writings of Paul.

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Logo, also as in logotype - A whole word on one piece of type.

The unmemorable name is also off centre.

further to the irony of the Southwest-in-the-snow,/Romanesque/Industrial Park-style, it's a church with services in two languages: Mandarin and Cantonese, so the Greek reference in the name is probably innocent of the connotations that people like me can't escape. :-)


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They probably have a font in there.

(Maybe other people actually knew what this is, but I didn't until I was looking up "font" in my English-Chinese dictionary a few weeks ago.)

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