font suggestions for a sports theme restaurant

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Hi Everyone, I am looking for suggestions for a font that I can use in designing a logo for a sports bar. I am trying not to use any actual sports reference, ie. a baseball or basketball.I wanted to get it across with a really great font. Any type of sports theme is fine.
Any suggestions are welcome, I have been searching for hours and have not come up with a great one.


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There's some fake Red Sox fonts out there. I'm unsure about legality, but on of the less well copied ones might be far enough off to be legally considered different.

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Check out Hoefler and Frere-Jones or Font Bureau, they’ve done some sports related designs along with some great revivals of the good old stuff people think of as sporty.

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Thanks James, those websites are great. I got some great ideas!

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Unless you're focusing on a particular team, type that speaks generically of (American) sports include the thick brush-script cursives (which are mostly associated with baseball, though not exclusively) and blocky display types of the sort once used for jersey numbers. What are you looking for?

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Its a sports bar for all sports, it has a TV at every booth to watch any game and it is in the Philly area. I used a few of the script fonts and I agree they do remind me of baseball. I tried using the blocky ones as well but didn't like the outcome. The problem I am having is that my design style is more simple and clean cut and the guy wants something very loud. So I am trying to balance it. I am also finding it difficult since I can't focus on a specific sport.

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There’s no reason clean cut and loud can’t go together. Bold condensed grotesques exist for a reason! If you really can’t come up with anything, go to a hockey game, sit in the second row, and then get tanked and heckle the refs. That always inspires me.

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