Minuta: a typeface for small text sizes

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Hello everyone,

I'm designing a text face for setting text in small sizes. I dream of setting a dictionary one day with this typeface. ¿How do you like it?

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Very Beautiful!!!

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Very nice. I'd love to see a print sample. Really like the f, and the e looks to be breaking up a bit, but this is on screen.

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Reminds me of freight micro. I like it a lot. I think the e may have problems.

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An odd dream, though.

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Be carefull with those lowercase 'e's... the horizontal stress needs to be balanced. Since you're saying that this is meant to be read in small sizes, it will tend do disapear.... ;)

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I almost forgot... I LOVE the lowercase g!!!


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Minuta con sus respectivos pesos y variaciones podría ‘correrle la butaca’ a la Ambroise del Periódico El Espectador. Digo yo...


Carlos Fabián Camargo G.

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Looks great--alot like Greta Text but a little more contrast and personality, i'd say

Greta Text

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"Reminds me of freight micro. I like it a lot. I think the e may have problems."

I think the Freight Micro vibe is coming from the squared counter moments, which is a dwiggins move, and an inspiration source for Mr. Darden.

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Your lowercase x will give you problems when it gets smaller. The lowercase g will also be a problem, not enough space between the upper and lower bowls. It looks ok in display, but that is not its intended use.

As will the default spacing which seems way too tight for its intended use. Both the word and the inter-character spacing. Kinda weird to me to design a typeface intended for small sizes and not show a sample of it at small sizes.

You should proof the design at its intended size, and not get too concerned with what it looks like large. Also, all those soft edges may render strangely in small sizes, you better pay close attention to how you hint it.

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More formal version of Ludwig Übele's Marat to me. Pretty cool though

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