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I am currently working on a new logo for a carpenter company called "HTG" who make gymnasium interiors etc.

The client actually came up with the logo idea. The "T" is a technical structure they use on a daily basis, so it seemed reasonable to me to make a logo out of it. What do you guys think? Has this logo got potential? If so, what could be improved?

Thanks for any feedback.

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I like the use of the T beam. the inside corners of the T might benefit from being slightly softened. Currently, it's not clearly reading as "HTG" to me - might be best to sketch out different letter sizes, styles, and placements for the H & G to get it to read more clearly. Overall - cool!

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at first look it seems cool.

But there's some detail you need to work out.

- I think that little "fillet" that stands between the "T" may be a problem, special when the logo is reduced.

- I like the idea of the block working as a consistent block, and for that i would probably choose a type that has a rounder G.


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OK, thanks for your suggestions. This would be another concept:

Do you think it will work?

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BTW, "Holz" is German for Timber and "Gal" is the guy's name.

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In your second concept, the G in the mark is reading more like a C.

I like your original concept better. I think it works really well actually. Just needs some tweaking. I agree with what's been said already, so just run with that one IMO.

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OK, thanks for your comments. It looks like I should continue with the first version. Unless you think that this third version may be even better. I am not sure if people will "get" the idea behind it though. Please let me know your thoughts... Thanks.

P.S. "Holz" is German for "timber" and "Gal" is the company founder's name

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The last one, due to colors and gradient, says "engineer" or "servers", not carpenter. You might want to take more cues from the shapes of carpenters' equipment and materials, if you're going to explore directions that aren't #1.

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Maybe you could scan in a wood print.

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OK, you've convinced me. The first version is probably the best, not only because it was initiated by the client himself.

I tried to tweak the shapes a little as you suggested. The key problem, however, is that neither H not G is perfectly square. If I stretch H to become wider, it will look odd. What would you do to improve the situation?

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I kind of like the blue version. Not the color or the gradient, but the interior of the G looks like a wood curl.


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So this doesn't look good... but it's illustrating what I meant in my first comment, about trying to make the T read more like a T. I'd play with this arrangement using hand-drawn letters before getting into font territory.

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