Workgroup Font Management software

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I tried the search function to find an old thread without success. We discussed a Font Management program that produces a new license order form when a user attempts to access a font in excess of the license. Can anyone track down the thread for me?

Megacorporation is looking into purchasing a font management system so we can better track our font usage and ensure the proper licensing of our fonts. Are any of you using a Font Management system that works well? Any systems I should avoid?

I talked to Halstead York about this way back during the Boston Typecon and he was kind enough to donate a copy the tech team could play with, so we will definitely be communicating with Extensis.



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The only other server option I know is FontAgent Pro Workgroup Edition. The new version was just announced in Jan at Macworld. Haven't tried it yet.

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Thanks, Stephen. I'll check that out.

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