Cheeky Type Sayings

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I want to make some buttons with some cheeky type comments on them. Things like:

When in doubt, use Caslon

Since this forum is cheek central I was hoping to get some intelligent discourse about Comic Sans and Dr.Who and Neville Brody's luscious locks.

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Make a Comic Serif button. Or maybe a button for the more experienced typographers along the lines of “I was using ITC Anaa when Neville Brody had hair.”

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"Hellwicha" in Helvetica of course >^p

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A few to get you started...

Brody’s decline… “Brody Bald Expanded”
Spiekermann on MS… “Bully, Bastard, Baddies” set in Arial

Comic Sans and BSG… “FRAK!” set in CS of course
On Typophile "Berlow, the Yoda of fonts you say?"

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From Chris Lozos' pun: "Carsonogenic Design". Should be visually layered to near illegibility.

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I thought FRAK! would be more appropriate in Bank Gothic?

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How about Calvin peeing on a lowercase Arial a in vinyl for those of us with pickup trucks. (Is this a thing outside of the south?)

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>Is this a thing outside of the south?)

Maybe post an image, on second thought...

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yes, i've seen it all over NorCal with everything from "La Migra" to sports teams. or

i think this one wins tho:

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Mark Simonson's famous commentary on the font business as game show...

"Who wants to be a thousandaire?"

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Is this a thing outside of the south?

Only where there are lots of frat boys.

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"Stop stealing sheep.", "I would steal sheep.", or "I steal sheep." in letterspaced blackletter. I like "I steal sheep." best of those three.

I want to make one of these buttons now.

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i think this one wins tho:


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Born to Kern!
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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Will Kern for Food


Fibonacci Was Here

IDK if ^ is funny or not?

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Born to Kem!

For the screening of Helvetica, We did a series of Buttons that just said "Helvetica" in various script fonts.

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When I was an ad type director, I had a big sign in my cube:



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Sabon: Bon Bons in the Bath

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I made up a bunch of square magnets with keyboarding tips.

One of them just said, "Option + shift+ right bracket" since people kept asking me how to get true qoute marks.

Also: "Improve your typography by degrees: option + shift + 8"

I had a bunch of other ones, but I can't remember them now and I nuked the file. Damn.

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the road to helvetica is paved with good intentions.

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This is more cheesy than cheeky, but what the hey...

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Speaking of bad puns....

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I still have a bucketload of those! FontFont also had a bunch, if I remember. Actually, I think EVERYONE had pins with goofy font sayings on them.

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@dan: Goofy? I wear those pins in public now!

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James, I think Russell has a newer version of iBadge than you.


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I'm not saying that I don't have a "My quotes are well hung" or "May the font be with you" pin that I wear. But that doesn't make them not goofy. In fact...

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How about "I'm with Comic Sans -->"


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Are you being bold?

Does this font make my 'A's look big?

If you can identify this font,
you're standing too close.

(they just get lamer as it gets later)


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How's my Kerning?


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It's been done before, but...

Helvetica (set in Arial)

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Sabon c'est bon!

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FontShop had a couple of great t-shirts at the San Francisco TypeCon...

One said "Your Type;" the other said "Semi Bold."

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These are all film title flavoured puns I made up years ago and have been using ever since. You can use them Haley :^) Make some buttons and send me one of "Helvetica hath..." done in Akzidenz Grotesk!

Helvetica hath no fury --- like a woman scorned
Die Dieresis Die!
Don't Raise that Crossbar, Lower the Hyphen
Oh Brother, Where Art Downer?
Postscript Always Renders Twice
Throw Commaa from the Train
I'm a Victim of Circumflex

j a m e s

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You could set certain band names in their (not quite) eponymous typefaces, such as Blur or The National.

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expert set

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Bank Gothic written in Frak but I'm the only one who'll think it's funny.

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If you have to explain the joke...


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Dan, your image reminds me of a Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards album cover:

Truly a missed opportunity to use a Bastarda.

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Is this a thing outside of the south?

It's up here in Alaska with the Texans. My Question is: Is it in Mongolia?

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I'll bet the peeing on is universal. Calvin? IDK.

Funny but not funny is how quickly these were replaced by Calvin kneeling at the cross after 9/11. I always wanted to do some Guerrilla work and replace these with a Betty Boop peeing on Calvin. It's just too much urine for anyone's good. How do these things even happen?

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i heart futura set in blackletter seems cute.

dberlow's picture two sents.

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Are the New Zealand colors intentional?

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