Please suggest a display typeface

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I am working on a print project for outdoor enthusiasts

I am looking for a display typeface that...
-is still legible
-works on print and on the screen
-has a generally classic / timeless look to it, so it doesn't look particularly "old fashioned" or like a new trend
-has a bit of an outdoors feel to it, a little roughness as though it has not shaven, or it slept in the woods last night
but more subtly so than a face like Papyrus.

If you have any suggestions for my odd inquiry, I would really appreciate them.
thanks for your time.

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My first thought would be to look at some slab serifs - Memphis, Rockwell, Serifa or maybe some more modern slabs like Stag or Apex Serif.

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A agree with Chris on a slab.

One I tend to lean towards is Clarendon.

Please steer clear of Papyrus! If using it as reference makes me shudder.


"Design is everything. Everything!" - Rand

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Thank you Chris and Tony for your suggestions. I like the idea of using a slab serif as it has a solid feel.

Tony I understand, I was just mentioning that typeface because I was also trying to get a suggestion for ones that had a little bit of a distressed look to them. Don't worry, I know to stay away from it as I see it everywhere.

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