Mac: font families not respected

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Having recently moved to the Mac, I'm importing my fonts and notice that most of the TrueType and OpenType fonts aren't organised in font families, like the Mac does with all the other fonts.

And it truly gets horrible in Photoshop.

What's going on here; what can be done?

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Contact the foundry. Perhaps they have new versions of the font that sort out better in the font menu. It doesn't seem to be a Photoshop issue.

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Can Mac group large TTF font families properly? Is there a way I could change the metadata of the font itself?

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I use FontAgentPro to manage my fonts, and in Quark 7 and Photoshop nearly all of them are properly grouped into families, especially Adobe OpenType families. It's only the boutique fonts, like FF Scala or Meta, that don't list properly, but there are also keystroke-link problems with those too. You really shouldn't have these problems on Mac OSX with proper software like FontAgentPro.

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