What are the differences between Futura, Graphicus DT, and Print Clearly?

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I am picking out a geometric sans serif for a website. It needs to be similar to Futura but it also needs to be softer than Futura.

What are the differences in feel between Futura, Graphicus DT Regular, and Print Clearly Bold?

I really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!!

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Graphicus DT appears very similar to Futura; it seems to be a tad wider and the A,M,W are flattened on the top and bottom whereas in Futura they have points. Also, the j has a slight curve at the bottom instead of just a straight line, and the descender on the g is less harshly geometric and more open. Print Clearly is narrower than Futura and appears to have a rounded stroke. Also, the I, J, and 1 have serifs to make them more distinguishable. I'm not an expert, but I hope that helps.

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> I am picking out a geometric sans serif for a website.

You may want to consider Hypatia Sans Pro as well. You can get the 6 upright fonts for free upon registering CS3.

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