New Concept - 1st round

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Here is a new typeface concept I'm working on. This is the first round, so please let me know what you think.

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I love the Q, and the G is quite nice too. The J stands out from the other letters as being too narrow; either make it as wide as the rest, or experiment with making several of the other letters as narrow as the J (like the L, Y, P, and S, maybe).

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Yep, I would echo those thoughts.
The J is definitely narrow, the corners of the V and Z feel unnecessarily pointy and for me the E, F & L seem a bit wide.
It will be interesting to see how things progress!

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the Y has a disorienting angle to it, that could be interpreted as quirky / bad depending on your viewer. for me it's the former.

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Although the Q is a nice idea, I don't see it as functional. I think readers may miss the non-slashing slash.


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I like the solution for the Q, I agree changes need to be made on the J though.

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