Romeo & Juliet

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Poster design for Bathhouse Theatre in Seattle. Featuring a rose made out of meat with illustration of dagger in it. Custom lettering by myself and fonts by Jonathan Barnbrook. Manson Sans and Melancholia.
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Pretty cool, the swashes too.

Just one thing: the meat isn't meaty enough. I think it needs more... what are they called, fatty veins? Like go to a good deli and ask to see the pancetta.


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Hey Hrant, yes I agree. This was so much more apparent in rgb when I first created it. It went totally yellow on me in the cmyk conversion, not to mention the heavy shadows. I have never had such a hard time in color correcting an image.

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I made a small change at the last minute before it went to print. I cropped the flourish on the lc l, as it almost made the J look like an F.
Juliet Changes.jpg

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oops. cmyk . here is the rgb.
Juliet Changes.jpg

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Matthew Brown

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