need a typographic organiser (agenda)... needs...wants...

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Hi all,

I need an organiser (agenda in dutch.. I believe that is an organiser in english, right?). I'v been looking everywhere to find a nice typographic one, but can't find any.
Well... I probably haven't looked everywhere. I've checked Nice stuff.. but no organisers and they don't seem to ship to Europe... WHY NOT!??! I finally got a job and I can spend some money on cool typographic stuff... and they just don't ship it to Holland.. =(
I also checked fontshop and some other font foundries, but didn't get lucky. I did get the little notebook from fontshop in the mail the other day, but it's a notebook and it doesn't give me dates where I can write stuff down.

If anyone knows a nice typographic organiser please let me know!


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I'm not sure if this counts as a "typographic" organizer, but I love my Ordning + Reda organizer. The company is Swiss and they have stores in Europe. The organizers are type only, no pictures. I absolutely love them, although they are no longer sold in the States (you have to ship it from the UK).


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Perhaps you like this one by Peter Bilak ...
Saw it too late ... It's out of print, but you can reserve there the 2009 issue.

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Ellen Lupton's typography class made a one:

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Thank you for your help there! =)

They got some nice stuff at typotheque! Too bad the 2008 one is already sold out... but I signed up for the 2009 one now.

Lulu is also a very good one!! I forgot about that site.. but they got some nice stuff there for not a lot of money at all!
Although the word book doesn't really seem like a organiser... but I had already downloaded that one somewhere else... don't remember where I got it.

I've also emailed ordning-edna in belgium about shipping options, but no reply so far. Some of the covers seem ok, minimalistic.. just too bad I can't see how they are inside... (also emailed them about that.

thanks people.. guess I'm just way too late to start looking for organisers now. Still if anyone finds anything plz let me know!


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