Professional opinions needed! Serif to go with Parisene

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I'm turning to all of you, since after reading this forum I can see that here is lots and lots of highly professional typographers and graphic designers around.

So I'm redesigning a magazine and decided to use Parisiene as a secondary display and body text typeface. I will allso use Porchez's Ambroise sparingly here and there.

But i have struggled for a while with the primary bodytext typeface that would work in display size allso.

Magazine has short an long stories and topics vary from fashion to world politics and photo reportages. So i need very flexible typefaces in terms of use in stories with very different contents.

I would like the magazine's typography to have a elegant, reliable and modern up to date sound to it.

I know this is quite hard one, but I wouldn't have turned to you if it wasn't.


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Why not another Porchez face? Le Monde Journal

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Thank you Stephen. Can't believe I have missed that!

Le monde Journal has all that i want, but its bit too stiff for my taste. Le But Le Monde Livre is very close to what I'm looking for.

Any other suggestions? Anyone?

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