Any Magazine Cover Fonts???

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Does anyone know what any popular magazines are using for their fonts? I'm taking a Photoshop class and we have to mimic a popular magazine for our next project. If anyone has any idea of what any fonts to any popular magazines are, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd rather not scan as the quality won't be as good.


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The people on this forum can tell you the fonts used on the cover of any magazine on the planet, pretty much. Perhaps you could name a particular magazine you'd like to imitate?



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How about Sunset, Better Homes & Garden or Real Simple? I'm not that picky as to which I use for the project, but I'd like to get it close to perfect.


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Auto 2 by Underware was used on a Sunset magazine’s cover image I found.

And Caecilia on Real Simple, Freight Display on Better Homes & Gardens.

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How about Cosmopolitan, Lucky & W magazines???

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W magazine is using New June (sans serif).

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Tami, what is your teacher trying to teach you through this project? Did they give you a paragraph of intent? I'd be curious to know what you are supposed to be learning from it. Most magazines use custom typefaces or typefaces which are going to cost money. I don't understand why a teacher would assign this project. Did they tell you to match the typefaces?

This is nothing against you Tami.

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I have a similar issue, our instructor wants us to use found body copies that work for our assignments. I have developed a sweet spot for the serif typefaces used in W magazine... I might be crazy but I like the feel of their bold and regular serifs on my resume... I just can't figure out what they are. I don't think they are the same font either. Every time I get close on a font finder, it's still not quite right. They remind me of Bembo, and a search I came up with was Hoeffler Text or versions of garamond but, I just dont think they are quite right. I am also wondering exactly what the san serif font they use in the inside is for body and subheads.

I'm just so frusterated in this search. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Any idea of the equivalent fonts for Mac in UK House & Garden magazine?

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