'50 (?) style Sans serif cartoon typeface (similar to Coop Bold by House Industries)

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for the name of this font. I thought it was Coop Bold by House industries, but, comparing the two typefaces, I noticed that in fact they are not so similar (Coop has something like serifs in certain gliphs, meanwhile this one has no serif at all).
Hope someone can help.

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There are several fonts in this sample, but i think that are all from the same family.
If i'm wrong, please correct!

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That is Burbank from House Industries.

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Thank you!! :D
At least the foundry was the right one!

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Great example of Burbank in use. Where did you find it, phonde?

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It’s a music festival in Helsinki called Flow. This one is from last year. In 2006 they had had small illustrations laid out the same way House Industries does their dingbat samples.



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