Scooped by Scoles, Typophile posts their review of Indie Fonts

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We can only hope that once you've seen our review of Indie Fonts, it will be clear that the photo essay was in the works before Stephen beat us to the punch over at Typographica -- not that we could ever hope to compete with his prose (and prolific linking) anyway...

40,000 Words: A Look at Indie Fonts

Indie Fonts Brings Unseen Type to the Masses

Indie Fonts home at P22


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You call that a review? Hehe. I've added the
link to the Typographica entry.

It sure is a pretty bunch of pictures. Now that's
what Kegler should be using to promote the
thing. License the gallery to him and he'll
make a bundle on new book sales.

BTW, note the new handle. (I shall shed this
"Scoles" nickname, one post at time)

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