Edgy Cooper Black?

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Any recommendations for a face that falls somewhere between Cooper Black and an antique black (like Giza or Ziggurat)? I realize this may be vague, but if you're inspired by this limited description, please reply with anything applicable.

One potential example is Sauna Black. Any others?

Thanks in advance!


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The Sauna clone Tubby perhaps?



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oz, rosemary (by chank diesel), though these examples are closer to cooper than giza.

goudy heavyface?



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"The Sauna clone Tubby perhaps?"

What a ripoff! Do they have the rights to sell that?

Hmm... I think I'll take Meta Black, stretch it out, call it my own, and sell it as FatsoSans. Yeah.

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(Insert sarcasm mark, before someone takes me seriously enough to slap my wrist)

: )

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What about Haley Fiege's Teaspoon?

- Lex

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IDK about between, but Dolly Bold has a nice personality, and Farao Black is a favorite.

Juvenis Med. Bold might be in the middle of these?

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teaspoon, which i love, has no serif at all: how can it be between cooper and giza?


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