(X) Digital Version of old film type Wexford? - Opti Eton {Mike F}

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Hi folks,

Someone has asked me if Wexford (see attached sample from the Bauhaus Guide) has ever been digitized. That sample was shown in the 1985 Phil's Photo "Homage to the Alphabet" book. Apparently it was used back in 1981 for a company logo that they want to update with the same typeface, if possible. I did a number of Google searches, and only found an unrelated font and a couple of non-vendor links. I'm wondering if OptiFonts ever digitized it, or if an amateur version exists under another name?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

- Mike

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Mike - According to Philippe from the MyFonts forum, Wexford was digitized in at least two weights as Eton by Opti.

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Thanks Mike, I had a feeling you'd know where to find this information if anyone did.

- Mike Yanega

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Sorry for bumping, but (I think) I recently came over something interesting regarding this particular font.

Searching the web for it, I found this website: http://e-daylight.jp/design/fonts/revival/index.html

Classic fonts digitalized, among them Wexford! However, I couldn't find any information regarding purchasing/downloading these beauties. Perhaps another member can shed some light on this?

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Daylight fonts is run by a person named Shinya who has written to me in the past for information about some of the fonts. I have just sent an e-mail to find out more about how fonts can be purchased/downloaded. One of the purposes of that site according to Shinya is to be a reference guide for some of the obscure fonts. Apparently he/she is also digitizing some of them to revive the designs.

- Mike Yanega

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Hi Mike,
Castcraft did indeed have a font called OptiEton. I used to work for Jansson (the invitation company) and they had it there. I have attached a sample of it :)

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Harold Lohner digitized it as Wexley.

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