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I'm working on a simple book design. The writer requests a Times New Roman, because all previous books in the series were set in times. Is there any alternative to Times that looks a lot a like but has more subtle feel? I know they won't allow me to change the typeface drastically, but maybe they won't notice a slight difference :) It's worth the try.

Thanks in advance

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If you wish to stick very close, C o n c o r d e might be a contender. The more you may wish to stray away from Times New Roman, the broader the field of contenders, obviously…

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Life by Simoncini is another pretty close re-interpretation of Times.

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Close. For me the best Times for copy is Times Ten.

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Lido from Storm Type Foundry is also a nice Times-like typeface.

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I don’t think it’s available for licensing so you probably won’t be able to use it in this project, but BriemTimes is yet another reinterpretation of Times Roman, for completeness’ sake.

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If you take a sample of Times and put some of its key letter attributes into the Serif Font ID Guide, you will see some fonts with similar structural attributes. Some certainly won't look much like it at all, but at least some will, and you may get some ideas. You can also drop out or modify one or two attributes and see what you get. You can be the judge of how close you would like to get to Times.

- Mike Yanega

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Plantin has pretty much the same skeleton, but with different (and beefier) serifs.

- Lex

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How about the Times New Roman that no one hardly knows about? The pre-Microsoft Times New Roman PS? If I recall, it's slightly wider with differences spread throughout.

When MS commissioned the typeface for their OS, they had Monotype alter it to match the metrics of the Linotype Times that had been included in Postscript.

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