The project named 'Made in Clerkenwell'.

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I've found the project named 'Made in Clerkenwell'.

I'm so curious about how to make them.

In terms of Computer Graphics, is the 'Spiral Font' created in 3d environments???

let me know please...

It's difficult to make a contact on the site for one reason or another.
In other words, every single answer here will be helpful to me.


Thank you for your favor about reading of my poor English~

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Pretty cool - but totally 2D - hadn't seen that before. You'd likely use this...

...or a digital equivalent - alternately you can approximate it using the blend feature in vector drawing apps.

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Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it, but I remember reading a book once at the main public library over here focusing on 3-dimensional applications of fonts. The one I remember most was someone's interpretation of Univers where the characters had been revolved and manipulated in other three dimensional ways to produce some amazing forms. Perhaps someone else knows the book and can provide the name..?


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* the name is universrevolved~

Thank youguys !____^

If the project named 'Made in Clerkenwell' is 2D, does anyone recommend 'COOL' 3D Typography for me???

Except for ;
'Dimensional Typography: Words in Space' by J Abbott Miller
'Univers Revolved' by Ji Lee

I've been writing a paper about 3D Typography.

Give me a hand please ~*_____*~

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