Oldstyle figures to compliment Caslon

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In short, I do love me some oldstyle figures – and on principle, I'm against using titling figures. Unfortunately I'm sometimes required to work with Adobe Caslon Pro in Apple Pages. Apple Pages doesn't give OT figure controls.

So - are there any fonts that default to proportional oldstyle figures (like Georgia) that would serve as a suitable replacement for Adobe Caslon's figures?

I know I could probably export the Caslon oldstyle figures to a separate font file, or just exchange the title for the oldstyle figures in Caslon - but really, I'm much more willing to buy a similar font, than I am to buy a font editor, just for this single use...

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Hoefler Text. It comes with Mac OS X.

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Hi John,

Caslons that default to old style figures: ITC Founders Caslon, Caslon Classico. Another alternative: MVB Verdigris.

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Thanks! Loving the Classico! (And Hoefler is a good idea for the times when I'm on someone else's system...)

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Good news! Yes you can use OSF in Pages!
Go the font panel (with the 'A'), chose your font (Adobe Caslon Pro, here) click below left on the 'weel' button and chose 'Typography' and then chose 'Number Case'. there you can chose the Number style.
Good luck!
PS Still I like working with Pages; it's much better than Word.

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gen - you are a genius! I had no idea that was there… That's awesome!

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