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I have a client with a rather innocuous business name (Town Center Wine and Spirits). I presented a slew of logo options, and this is the style they chose. I just finished adding the pre-critique touches, and I'd like your professional opinions.

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Thanks in advance for not being too brutal...

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My first reaction was, "Wow, I didn't expect something called 'Town Center Wine & Spirits' to have such a nice logo!" A minute later, I do have some criticisms:

The whole thing seems a bit too wide - the "Town" and "Center" bugs me for being so loosely tracked. The wine bottle seems pixelated on the edge, and the white label flattens it out unpleasantly - perhaps get rid of the label or making it 20% transparency? The sections of type below could both move a bit towards the grape vine, allowing the town and center to have slightly tighter spacing without ruining the balance.

Good luck!

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It would make a good upper banner on a web site, but I'd need to see it in use to judge it as a label.

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Before discussing the logo design itself, I suggest you print this out on a business card and many problems will reveal themselves. There are many, many issues with the complexities of this design for a logo, and a small business will not appreciate how expensive this logo will become to reproduce legibly, if they can reproduce it at all.
Here it is at three inches long:

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^ start in black & white, and look at it small. The spacing on town should better match center. Maybe grape leaves and vine could be simplified to work in the same way and still read at a smaller size. The text at the bottom should be optional and maybe not part of the mark development.

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Thanks, everyone.

JB, the text is definitely not to be part of the logotype. It's something that the client requested, but I think it will only be used at legible sizes, i.e. on their site, signs, shirts, etc.

The whole thing started in black (how I usually approach logo development). The shading, etc, came about after a suitable black version.

Thanks for the reminders to look at it small.

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Very nice, although your bottle looks a bit flat - try moving the highlight to the other side...

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I think a silhouette for the wine & grapes would look nice - have you tried that?

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It looks like a MA shop for sure! I think it is hugely nice. But not distinctive enough. So it might not be memorable enough. This far in though, I can't imagine it's time for a whole new concept. If it was me I would look for a way to tie up the elements that would meet these two demands.

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Thanks all, for your comments and suggestions. I used much of your input, and made quite a few changes of my own. Any last-minute suggestions?


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Kerning suggestions: What if you had a bit more space was between the O & W in Town to make the spacing more like the word Center. Pull the N & E slightly closer to the T in center.

What if the a in Massachusetts was a bit closer to the M.

The shade on the label was a very very good idea.

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Looks great! Although the silhouetted grapes & vine look unpleasantly reddish - I'd go for straight black on that.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your thoughtful comments and direction. I submitted the logo and the client loves the final product.

Below are the full-color, mono, and reverse versions. Thanks again.

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Nice. I like the change to the vines. and all the changes created a more engaging whole.

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Congratlations! :-)

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I think the mono is great and much better than the full-color. I'd drop the full color all together. Nice work!

Minor nitpick: I'd really like the label on the bottle aligned with the x-height of the type. Right now, it's a tad low.

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Good job! :)

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I agree, the mono is much stronger then the full colour.

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Great use of typography and colour, kudos!

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I like the all burgundy version. The only thing that bothers me is that there is not enough detail in the grapes. They feel too heavy.


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