Printing pixels

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How do I go about printing a screenshot (72ppi) on a laser printer and still keep the pixeldetails?

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What, exactly, do you mean by 'keep the pixel details'?

If you are asking how to print it so it's obviously pixelated, you'd want to exaggerate the pixels by increasing the print size of the image.

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I'd do this:

1. Take the screenshot.
2. Dump it into Photoshop
3. Go to Image > Image Size
4. Change Resolution to 150 (or 300) pixels/inch
5. Turn off "Resample Image"
6. Click OK

The image won't appear on screen to be any different because all you've done is tell it to render more pixels per printed inch. Of course, it'll print smaller now. 150 dpi is usually enough to remove obvious pixels, but you don't say exactly what you're doing so you might need 300.

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