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Hello Typophiles,

We have been asked to source a font called QT Old Goudy by one of our customers.

Google search led us to this site.


We purchased and downloaded the "high quality" font set comprising of 8,000 TTF's for $14.95 expecting to find the QT Goudy Old fonts in there, but they weren't.

I have emailed their sales email address, but have heard nothing back as of yet.

Has anyone heard of this font?, or dealt with these people before?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards

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"8,000 TTF’s for $14.95" and you expect quality?

But as to your question: no.

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Hi Neil,
there are several commercial versions of Goudy Old Style. I’ve never heard of ‘QT’ as a foundry/manufacturer code, so I assume that’s some rip-off.

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Just received the fonts from Zymmetrical. To answer the question Aszszelp raised, no I didn't expect quality, which, if you took the time to actually read what I wrote, I put high quality in quotes, which in my language usually denotes a tad of sarcasm.

Thanks anyway.


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Hi Neill,

My guess is that QT Old Goudy is Zymmetricals 'adaptation' or 'version' of one of Frederic Goudy’s classic typefaces, for instance the aforementioned Goudy Old Style. But of course it could be any other of his dozens of typefaces.
If you could provide us with an image, we will be able to point you to a legal, high-quality (in the sense of well behaving on a computer and more similar to the original) version.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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