Editing Open Type fonts

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Folks — this a newbie question.

I have an open type font and I'm really unhappy with how they have kerned the question mark. It is hard up against the preceding letter. When I have used it I have had to do a clumsy search and replace to add 1.25 points between the last letter and the question mark. But I would like to be able to edit the font to make this change the default. How can I do this? I have Quark and Indesign but not Fontlab or anything that can be used to construct fonts. Is it possible to edit these values in the fonts using what I have?

thanks in advance for your help


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Somehow asking a question makes one look for for the answer. I have just now downloaded Font Forge and opened it up, but am still probably some way from understanding how to use it. But I guess this is the way. There must be some way to edit the kerning against all letters from within this program.

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If you want to change the "kerning against all letters", just change the sidebearing...

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Thanks aszszeelp. I can see that that would work best.

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