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Can anybody recommend a good book, helpful to someone designing a typeface for the first time?

I am an experienced graphic designer, interested in creating my own font. Something that included a little digital know-how would be appreciated.

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You could start with "the Triumvirate." Then, for technical know-how, consider Leslie Cabarga's books.

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Designing Type by Karen Cheng goes through the basics. Fully illustrated, including student work that should open your eyes on the beginners (i.e. your) typical shortcomings.

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Although as previously noted considerations of spacing are maybe not given enough time in Karen's book.

About Face: Reviving the Rules of Typography by David Jury might be of some use.

This might be useful, although it does need to be updated a bit more ( my fault ) .


The truth is you have to think of yourself as a bee collecting bits of insight here & there.

For sheer how to though Leslie's book is still #1. You can also ask for help here on Typophile as well.

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Okay, another vague memory (thanks for the clarifications on Ludlow). I seem to remember some type where a part of the letterform hung over the underlying base, for kerning purposes (hand set type). I am thinking of the ball of an f, (or half of it). It would lie over the base of the following letter, and thus print correctly.

Am I remembering correctly? These are 40 year old memories, and I was a reporter then, not a graphic artist, so I wasn't handling this equipment myself.

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Get Exploring Typography by Tova Rabinowitz. For the most part it’s your standard Typography primer formatted as a textbook, but it has an excellent chapter on designing a typeface. Rabinowitz literally guides the reader through the design letter by letter—with no software instruction—using a system of developing letters from each other and using generic spacing values presented in tables.

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The Stroke by Gerrit Noordzij is also very good.

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