Easymemory logodesign

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Hi guys,

I'm redesigning an identity for a european designer and manufacturer of memory products. (http://www.ez-memory.com)

Well, the customer needs/wants a refreshment in both style and name so we've changed it to Easymemory and added some dynamics and a fresh green color :-)

The font is Bliss regular... what do you think so far?



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Nice choice of colours, but I think it lack some ...erm, "bang" - in other words, it is pretty much the EASYMEMORY written in Bliss...

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It's nice, though Ivan has a point. Perhaps it needs a simple mark to go with it?

As it is now, the O is the focal point, obviously, but I'm not sure why. Also, the S looks like it's about to tip over.

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Hmm... I know this will sound like in school but why dont you try with some extended font for the first part.


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color combination is very nice. Reshaping "R" with larger lower bowl might be nice. Flattening out "S" at top and bottom and extending it may also be worth trying.
top is same. bottom has changes ( these were done in Photoshop so they obviously need a bit on work)


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Hi guys,

The customer has withdrawn the project, due to a finacial problem :-) tsk tsk!
(still I get paid for the pitch)

Well, thanks for all the comments! I really like Ole's suggestions with the shapes and the other ideas!

I'll soon be back with a new corporate design, with real money behind :-)


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Oops, the forum is bugging me sometimes!
Sorry for that dobblepost!

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Nice. Clean and refreshing.

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