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Playing around with a vaguely Deco-ey typeface. Any comments/suggestions?


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Here is a sample sentence. The spacing between words is a little fishy.


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Any suggestions? Comments?

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I think there's an idea in there that can be made to work (and work well), but maybe it's being applied to literally? Just an brainwave - maybe I'm making so sense [in this context].

Trying to think more lucidly: The "E" and "S" seem to have a particular rare charm.

One other thing: I like the separation in the "G" - maybe implement that more.


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John - The reliance on the )( parenthetical shapes makes Cronus a tough one to pull off. Maybe Scoles can find a similar font that does it.

Somewhere out there, there's a font based on the McDonald's Golden Arches. While executed okay, it maintains a gimmicky feel.

Gimmicks are fun. Uh, I use gimmicks. But sometimes the end result is not highly usable as I have learned. :(

(Emigre's OutWest comes to mind)

How do you see Cronus being used? The answer to that might tell you which direction to take it.

BTW, Cronos is also the name of an Adobe font.*

I enjoyed some of the other faces on your site more than Cronus + the design- and type-related content is a good read for Typophiles.

good luck,


*do a search on this site to learn more about Cronos.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Hrant, I agree with your favorite letters. I also like the numeral 2 a lot.

Good idea on the "G"

To answer BJ's question, I really didn't have a use for the font. I'm strictly a hobbyist when it comes to fonts. I have to say, though, that the comparison to OutWest is an unsettling one because I had always mocked OW for its unusability.

Cronus seems to me to be a concept font, kind of like in the fashion industry where they have bizzare outfits on the runway but end up using just a couple of elements in their next mainstream clothing line.

Thanks again guys and I will put my thinking cap on to see where to take this font...

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I didn't mean to hurt ya.


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Here goes nothing...

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OK, thanks to the brutally honest feedback, I have redesigned this font. I have also changed its name to Tourmaline due to the similarity with "Cronos."

Basically, I liked the "french fry" shape but decided I'd totally overdone it, and that a little bit goes a long way. With that in mind...


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Here's some more stuff...


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John - The Art Deco is coming through very nicely and the ligatures are a nice touch.

I think you have a brand new font. Now, with these new shapes, the letters that seem out of place are the C D G and Y.

I think you have an entirely diff. cool font (Nu Art Deco?) if you play off the sharp style of the 'U' which is my favorite letter.



btw, i recently stumbled upon ITC ANNA Pro ( and I have a newfound appreciation for ANNA. Might be something to check out.

And FB Anisette is another to check out.

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The ligatures are great!
I especially like, LE, LL, NT, NE, HE.
The C ligatures are also great. The OF ligature looks... off. TH is great.

Nice progress, it's much better than the first display of the font. Art deco rocks.

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I see the remnants of the "french fry" shape as being vaguely "arts & crafts", vaguely "Metropolitain" -- the H as it stands now is not particularly Art Deco -- but it works, in my opinion. I think every typeface should have surprises.

The letters that for me don't fit now are O and S (the rounder S, not the elongated diagonal S). The O seems too modern. I have yet to fit on a curve that seems right for the face. I was thinking maybe a geometric O, but it's a narrow face....

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