logo critique LaBelle

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I would most appreciate your opinions regarding my logo.

This is a wordmark for a spanish body esthetics.

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'Belle' is not a Spanish word...!

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... but I think a nice understated piece of type.

Couple of comments... maybe the 'B' symbol is a fraction small in the circle? and the cap 'L' in LaBelle looks a very slightly heavier weight that the other characters, but it may be a visual onscreen thing.

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I like it, but also think the proportions between the 'B' and the circle are a bit extreme.

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I really like this. But I also think the proportion of the mark is a little off, and the consistency of the letters.

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I think lightening up the weight of the B in the circle will fix the balance - I disagree that the L is too heavy, it seems just right.

Very nice!

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