Where to start a font?

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Hi there!
Here i am again trying to post something in form of question.
Well i'm going to start a new font, i think i prefer to do 2 at the same time.

My idea is to do a Sans Serif with a lot of variations, from a light to extra bold, pixel/bitmap font to slab serif.
So and here is my question... where do you think i should start?

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The best place to start is sketching. Get your concept down on paper (or screen) build a basic word such as hamburgefonts and see if you like how it looks and then continue.

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hmm my teacher Dino dos Santos says to do OHhamburgevous i think.
But i was asking about the other side.. searching, sketching how? kinda that.... some theoric stuff to begin... how to draw a sans-serif for example or should i start with which version? see what i mean?

Joel Santos // youremin
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Are you interested in type? Are you interested in letterforms, signage, graffiti, signpainting, gravestones, calligraphy? If not, I am unsure why you are pursuing type design....

Start by looking. Look at all the above kinds of letters. Consider their differences, their construction, turn them on their side, look at them in the mirror.....

Next do a lot of sketches. Sketch every kind of letter that interests you. What kinds of letters seem easiest, more familiar to you? Sans or serif or script, it doesn't matter. If you keep sketching the same kinds of things, then make that your typeface. It is too ambitious what you describe to do for a first typeface. Make one single design, and work on it until it is functional, harmonious, balanced.

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A good way to learn about the letterforms themselves is to pick up a book about calligraphy. Many of them show the basics of letter construction, and show how most things are made of discreet parts that are similar throughout the alphabet.

It will also help you understand the relationship of thicks to thins in a letterform, how and why serifs exist, etc.

Very informative, and I'd dare say there are more books on calligraphy than there are on type design itself.

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I'm interested in typing yes. What do you think about the Ellen Lupton's book?
Already made first type. For a Design Project work but already done all the glyphs.
I don't know but cant buy expensive stuff for now.

Joel Santos // youremin
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