Am i insane?

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I am kinda new to typography so have very little confidence. A friend of mine told me i shouldn't have the pink/blue on both the highlighted text and the background lines as the same colour. You guys agree?

Thanks for your time.


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It kinda looks muted instead of highlighted to me... Especially in the blue one... I'm not sure if that's due to the specific colors or if it's just that it's in the background element as well - but yeah, I'd look into alternatives if I were you...

Try something in the same hue, but a little lighter on the background, or darker on the highlights, for instance, or try a different color alltogether... Or perhaps make the color a solid background to the highlighted words, with white text? (Though that may be a bit too much, as it's the same 'style' you've chosen for your main headlines..)

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Hi Dan

You are not insane :)

To me the black text seems a lot stronger than the highlight colors you have chosen. Using the same color in the background lessens the highlighting effect even more.

I would have all text the same color, or emphasis words using a stronger weight rather than color.

Or you could try using a dark grey for the secondary text and a stronger color for the highlighted words.

I am thinking if this gets printed by a potential employer on a standard black and white printer, possibly photocopied and sent around the pale colors will be lost all together.

I also think having you text set in one color increases the legibility. It does depend on the sort of job you are going for, you want your resume to make an impact visually but you also want it to be easily read.

Hope this helps


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I think this design is insane. The diagonal lines are extremely distracting; your resume would be *much* easier to read without them. It would even be easier to read with vertical or horizontal lines -- diagonal lines are the worst. The pink is especially visually assaulting.

I think the diagonal lines contradict the line that says "Skilled at communicating through considered typography."

I assume you'll be submitting some sort of portfolio or collection of work with this resume -- let *that* speak for your design abilities and keep the resume simple and clean.

If you were to keep the stripes, which you shouldn't do, make them lighter, thinner, and increase the empty margins around the text.

I don't mean to be overly negative, but I do think it's a bad choice.

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Great crits guys, thanks alot. :)

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I agree with glyph...a resume is one of those places to play it safe. Not that it can't be decorated, but, really, the text is what's key.

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Here is what i went with in the end (it was for a jobs fair).

All three companies commented positively on the design. Bear in mind they were game developers.

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"Bear in mind they were game developers.'

Ah! Well, indeed, that's a very particular type of 'client' so I think you were definitely in the right by 'prettying it up' a bit.

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