New Blackletter Font

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Could you please give me your opinion on this font I'm developing?
Since it has so many diferent details it would really help to have a few comments.

Thanks in advanced

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Having your font used as much as Trajan would have to be just fine though - no?

I don't think that's likely given the centrality of the Trajan forms to western/latin letterforms.

But on the other hand I have never seen a font in this category that has this kind of strong charisma.

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Yeah, I guess it would be positive in that sense. But you're right that it isn't as widely applicable as Trajan is, because of the forms.

But for films and books that are set in the historic ara where this kind of calligraphy was used, this typeface would look pretty good and fit well. :)

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I think like blackletter - it could even range beyond that.

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I'm just curious why this is headed as a Blackletter font. Having come from more of a calligraphy background as opposed to Typography, I immediately thought of the style as Versals, though they are often seen Historically with Blackletter as headings. I noticed that uncials are often categorized with blackletters as well. Is this just a type thing. I know the word Gothic in both type and lettering has several different meanings.
Stephen Rapp

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Lovely font, but the word IN is almost identical to the letter M. I suppose this may be true of other fonts as well?

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Vladamir makes a good point. Although by now that too may be fixed. I hope so!

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