Best bookstores in London

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I'm a french graphic designer and I'm going to London in one week. I'd like to know what are the best bookstores in town where I can find books on Typography, graphic design, essay ... even about contemporary art.

If you could give me the location as well it will be perfect.

Thank you in advance.

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I suggest exploring Charing Cross Road. Lots of really good book shops including Zwemmers, Foyles and numerous second hand bookshops.


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In addition to those already suggested...

Magma on the Clerkenwell Road and a smaller shop in Soho

Tate Modern bookshop is also good.

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Koenig has a lot of stuff. It can be found either on Charing Cross Road or inside the serpentine gallery.

I also found the bookstore inside Tate Modern quite good.

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The best store for old (i.e., used and rare) typography and type books is without a doubt Collinge & Clark. You can find its address via google; it is a brief walk from Russell Square.

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Thank you for all your fast replies.
Actually I've already been at Magma which I found good but their books and magazines can all be easily find in Paris.
I was looking for "more specific UK" essays or books that you can hardly find in France. Therefore, I think I'll go to Colling & Clark, and other second-hand bookstores you told me about.

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Waterstones on Piccadilly is fine as well — plus there are sofas and it's opened late

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They have e.g. i-D fashion magazine No. 1 - No. 10.
Very hidden inside a hidden art gallery. The google map link shows exactly where it is.

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