type with a line through the middle

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do you have a good recommendation for type with a line through the middle?

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You can put a line through any font using the "strikethrough" feature in either Quark or InDesign.

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in either Quark or InDesign.

Or even in just about any word processor.

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Or even HTML using the <DEL> tag or maynbe its the <STRIKE> tag - anyway something like that.

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all the previous posts are probably what you're looking for. But just in case you actually need a font with strikethrough:

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To clarify, I am not looking for a line running across the x-height. I am looking for a font with a line through the stroke of an individual letterform - this creates the look of a thin white replica of the Letter imbedded in the letter.

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Do you mean incised typeface?


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Ohhhh, that's different! Looks like myfonts.com calls them "inline" fonts:

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Yep, I have heard the term "inline," too. Also "handtooled"... Here are some more examples:



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yes like that. any suggestions?
I like this one:

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