typical range of stroke width

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what would be the typical ranges for (vertical) stroke width (expressed in fraction of the x-height) for thin, regular, demibold, bold etc.?

(inversely you could state the x-heights expressed in vertical stroke widths)

Primarily of interest is serif fonts.

The reason for asking is, that some sketches I did (and intended as regular) look somewhat boldish-semiboldish, and I'm a bit uncertain.

Thanks, guys!

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Strokes don’t have typical proportions, varying proportions is an important source of personality, especially when it comes to serifs. What you need to do is identify the sort of values you want in existing typefaces, open them up in Fontlab, figure out what the proportions are, and compare your design to those numbers.

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Sorry, you slightly misunderstood me. Varying stroke with is a clear concept. However, vertical strokes tend to be pretty much the same width within one font. I was asking for typical proportion ranges for the vertical stem : x-height, if anyone would have had at the top of their head. It'd be so much easier than checking with a font editor 30-100 different fonts... :-)

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Adam might have some statistics on that, no?

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