Prof. R. K. Joshi (1936-2008)

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Prof. Joshi, who was a calligrapher of Indian scripts and who also made the Mangal Devanagari default/fall-back font for MS Windows, died on 5th February.

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Oh, that’s sad news. I enjoyed listening to the Typeradio sessions featuring Mr. Joshi. Seems he was an outstanding personality.

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Sad news indeed.
I meet him in ATypI Lisbon 06. He was a fascinating personality and he had a great passion by calligraphy.

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By all accounts a remarkable personality, Prof R K Joshi was one of a small group of inspirational design educators of the old school, in India. Friends who studied under him at the IDC in Mumbai refer to him with a mixture of awe, near reverence and deep affection.

His enduring legacy would probably be the many designers he trained over the years, who now work across the country in diverse languages and scripts.

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Thanks for posting this sad news Uli. I enjoyed the Typeradio interview too.

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