"Gourmet" Typefaces

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Doing a new identity for a gourmet food company. I'm probably going to go w/ a Michael Schwab look/feel. Small caps, letterpaced. I'm testing fonts like Georgia, Hoefler Text, and Clarendon Light. Any other suggestions?

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>testing fonts like Georgia, Hoefler Text, and Clarendon Light.

Nothing says "gourmet" like bundled fonts, am I right?

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Eagle and Mostra say Michael Schwab.

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Who the heck is Michael Schwab? I suppose I could look him up but it is time to go for a walk.

Why not go with a "wesohaire" look? The client hired you, not some guy named Schwab.


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Mr Schwab likes to letterspace!
You can do that with my online type tester.
You might consider some of my faces suitably retro/deco.

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Haha, sii you're a punk!

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What kind of research have you done. How are you handling the ID. Is it a retail store, is it packaging, what is the competition doing and are they successful. I wouldn't worry about the type until you have the marketing figured out,

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Before picking a face, I'd find a few brands you like, and get your client's feedback on those; also, I'd work them to draw out rough sketches. I find that if I fall in love with a typeface too early in the process, I become less focused on my client's needs. Good luck!

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