Book Design in Hell

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Argh!!! The horror!!! Motivational spiritual mumbo-jumbo meets painfully hideous design. I can't believe this guy has a job.

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> Maybe Canadian customs has started confiscating really tacky stuff.

They confiscate everything, even my font books. Then they hold them for $5 ransom, plus the 12 cents duty owing.

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If you can trust they say Milton Glaser was born in 1929. That puts him at 79 years young.

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I guess he must only be 15 years older than I am then, Jackie. He just looked so much older when I saw him since I was 32 at the time :-)


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Scott Richardson, creative director at Random House Canada, has recently written a novel—but I don’t think he designed it. Unless one is self-publishing, this sort of thing can be tricky, politically!

No, Kelly Hill designed his book. As Scott is her boss, it was difficult. He's VP Creative at Random House Canada, which includes his publisher, Doubleday. What they did was rearrange everything so that he didn't design any Doubleday titles for that season - nor attend any cover meetings, nor sales conference, so as to keep the author/publisher relationship on the same level as it would be for a regular author.

Still, Kelly knew that one of Scott's favourite fonts was Filosofia... insider info.

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I can already see Kafka's Castle, set in comic sans with large papyrus callouts on glitter-sprinkled pink. "It's dinamic and sensual, establishing a clear hierarchy of meaning and unifying the otherwise disjointed narrative with contextual bullet points. It is engaging, informative, distinct and memorable. We are building up a Kafka brand."

Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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So, uh Patty? What led you down this pathway to begin with? Planning on joining the cult?

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I hear the Koolaid is delicious.

Actually I was checking out something else font-related on YouTube and it was there in the "Related Videos" column. Was intrigued by the title and then... ye gods. I couldn't get through the whole thing.

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Suppose we make Kafka a group project. That way, we can include a "wave" on each page and allow the type to meander -- even Kafka would have enjoyed that!

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If someone teaches this guy the phrase "graphic design" his mind is going to be BLOWN.

His message appears to be: "If you are a bad writer and you don't want your audience to think, then... use fonts... and also page layout and graphic design techniques, but nevermind all that." Motivational, self-help, exploitation garbage books in a nutshell. So weird, this self-help for the self-helpers. May they all get what they wish for.

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